Age of Clones (Golden Clone) for real money

Name: Age of Clones
Genre: Business simulator
Type: Browser
Language: Spanish (not completely translated, under translation), English (not completely translated, under translation), Russian
Game site: Go >>>
Payment: Free
Real money withdrawal: Yes
Real money earnings: Yes
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According to the developers, Age of Clones (Golden Clone) is a full-scale virtual reality, kind of a digital life in which every player may both achieve success and gain cash and achieve really nothing, without losing a cent, but learning a good lesson and getting some invaluable experience.
Therefore, the gamer isn’t anyway losing, as he accomplishes his individual skills and intellectual abilities in the game, and sometimes even his craft, the ability to find an alternative solution to any situation.

Game stages and the key features of Age of Clones (Golden Clone)

First of all, it is worth noting that after signing up for AgeofClones and starting the game process, the gamer will get an opportunity to live the full virtual life of his clone:

  • rise from social bottoms;
  • live the emotions of his character;
  • try different plans of accomplishment of his own potential;
  • test his own abilities in crafts and various spheres of life, without risking his health, real life, or money.
  • Overall, it is a complete simulator of real life, and it offers a unique opportunity to show your worth, and at the same time allows gaining real material funds for virtual existence.
  • Each registered player’s start in Age of Clones is similar: the farm laborer status is given. I.e. this is the lowest social level out of which you need to crawl using two methods:
  • paying 5 golden coins and buying the artisan status which naturally has more privileges and opportunities;
  • playing with a farm laborer clone for at least 90 days, accomplishing various missions and answering system questions, at the same time getting small rewards for the successful resolution of tasks set.

This scheme is relevant for all gamepad levels. Therefore, in Age of Clones, you can both make money in the game and simply play at your leisure, accomplishing the levels, and cumulating not only virtual, but also some quite real-life experience.

Age of Clones – is it real to make money?

The whole income earned by the player for his character in Age of Clones and his activities within the system may be converted into real money by transferring game coins from the personal account to an individual e-wallet or directly to a bank card. Also, Age of Clones allows both withdrawing funds and using them for achieving higher goals, more effectively and rapidly accomplishing some levels. For instance, for purchasing a business, creating an own virtual enterprise or even state, as the game allows reaching the emperor status.
I.e. each gamer may choose:

  • either to withdraw the money earned in small amounts, but regularly;
  • or to reach maximum success, and, upon accomplishing the last and most difficult levels, get a large amount absolutely proportionate to the time, efforts and energy spent.

Age of Clones (Golden Clone) allows withdrawing money on each stage, which doesn’t limit the gamer, and provides him with the full freedom of actions. Probably, this is why this real life simulator is so largely and actively populate among the many gamers.

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